Announcement on SMTY Distribution Timeline, Initial Mining Rewards and Roadmap
3 min readApr 26, 2021


Thanks everyone for your support to Smoothy! Currently, the initial mining and public sales are nearing completion. Now we will announce the distribution plan of SMTY, the initial mining rewards, and airdrop. We will also publish the roadmap.

1 Token Information

Token name: Smoothy

Token symbol: SMTY

Smart contract address:


2 DEX/CEX Listing Schedule

SMTY has reached agreements with several CEXs and will be listed soon after the announcement. For more information, please pay attention to the exchanges official announcement, Smoothy’s official Twitter, and Telegram group.

Pancake/Uniswap add LP — 04/27 1:40 PM (UTC)

Please reconfirm the token smart contract address:


3 Genesis Mining Start Information

Genesis mining will start on both ETH and BSC networks at 2:00 PM (UTC), 04/27. The emission rate of SMTY reward is:

  • First year: 1% monthly (12% total)
  • Second year: 0.75% monthly (9% total)
  • Nth year: 0.75 ^ (N — 1)% monthly (12 * 0.75 ^ (N — 1)% total)

4 IDO Distribution Time

The four platforms: BSCPad, Ignition by Paid, DAO Pad and, will start the withdrawal on 2:00 PM (UTC), 04/27, and all participants can visit the IDO platforms to withdraw.

5 Initial Mining Rewards Distribution

During the initial mining phase, the peak stake amount was 150 million USD. These rewards will be divided based on the amount and time invested.

All liquidity providers participated in the pre-ming event will share the 1–2% of the total token, which is 1,000,000~2,000,000 SMTY. During the public sale week from 04/21–04/27 all LP’s will enjoy extra 0.16%-0.32% SMTY token reward.

10 days from now, which is 5/7, all users who participated in pre-mining can claim SMTY on Smoothy’s official website ( You can choose either withdraw directly or withdraw with staking.

Direct withdrawal: You can withdraw your pre-mining rewards directly with no staking.

Withdraw with staking: stake for 3 months before withdrawing to earn double rewards.

6 Airdrop Rewards

12 days from now, which is 5/9, users can receive SMTY airdrop rewards on Smoothy’s official website (

  • Users who interacted with the official smart contract during pre-mining period: ETH/BSC network from 2:00 3/30 to 2:00 4/20 (UTC)
  • ETH network: Single address with total swap amount > $500 (~1640 addresses)
  • BSC network: Single address with swap > 2 times, and total swap amount > $10,000 (~1650 addresses)

Rewards: 50 SMTY/per address

7 Token Economics

Total: 100,000,000 SMTY (Initial Circulating Supply on Exchanges: 5.3%)

  • Team 15% (4 years vesting, 3 month cliff)
  • Advisor 5% (2 years vesting, 3 month cliff)
  • Testing round reward 1% (1 years vesting, 20% at TGE)
  • Fundraising 10% (8% for private sale and 2% for public sale)
  • Operation, marketing, and partnership 19% (1 year vesting with 8% unlock at TGE to provide initial liquidity)
  • Liquidity mining reward 50% (including pre mining and genesis mining)

8 Future Roadmap

2021 Planned Work:

  • Genesis liquidity mining
  • Governance and DAO
  • Support more stablecoins
  • Support more blockchain networks

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