Smoothy Is Now Integrated with Matcha
2 min readApr 13, 2021


We are pleased to announce that Smoothy will now be integrated with Matcha.

Users of Matcha will now be able to leverage Smoothy as a liquidity source for stablecoin to stablecoin swaps. This integration with Matcha will give their platform access to over 130 million in liquidity from Smoothy! This includes liquidity from both the ETH and BSC networks combined.

We are excited to be working with Matcha, and hope to explore more opportunities with them in the future.

About Matcha

Matcha is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator designed to offer the most user-friendly experience for discovering and accessing thousands of tokens. Matcha pools liquidity across all the major Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks and can split trades across multiple liquidity sources to help you be sure you’re getting the best prices and deepest liquidity the market can offer. Why use one exchange when you can use them all? Connect your wallet by going to and start trading on Matcha today!

About Smoothy

Smoothy is a novel stablecoin swapping protocol that is capable of supporting 20+ stable coins in a single pool with low-cost low-slippage swapping and maximum interest earning for LPs.

Features of Smoothy:

1 Reduce the gas fee significantly by algorithm optimization

Even deployed on Ethereum, the gas fee required by stablecoin swap on Smoothy is reduced by 90% compared to Curve’s yPool and mStable after the algorithm optimization. It achieves a lower gas fee without using layer2 and ensures composability.

2 Single pool supporting multiple stablecoins with better liquidity

Unlike Curve, which supports up to 4 stablecoins in one pool, Smoothy can support multiple stablecoins in one single pool, and can flexibly add/remove any token. Theoretically, Smoothy can accommodate hundreds of different types of stablecoins in one pool (even algorithm stablecoin). This means that Smoothy will not suffer from the fragmented liquidity of multiple pools, enabling better liquidity.

3 Maximum LP reward

With reference to the bank’s reserve system, we designed a unique Dynamic Cash Reserve Algorithm, which dynamically allocates the majority of funds in the underlying interest-earning platform and the rest is reserved to meet daily swap needs. In other words, in addition to governance token earnings, liquidity providers can gain swap fees together with interest earning and lower gas fee.

4 Zero-slippage swapping algorithm

Smoothy develops a SmoothSwap algorithm that can guarantee 1:1 ratio swap most of the time if the percentage of the token in the pool is lower than soft weights; if not, a swap is still allowed by imposing a penalty fee as slippage.

Learn more about Smoothy:



A novel single pool liquidity protocol specialized in same backed assets with low-cost zero-slippage swapping and max interest earning.