Smoothy Participates at DAO Day Hosted by Open Defi
2 min readJun 24, 2021


On June 18th, the Smoothy team attended and presented at DAO Day #2 hosted by Open Defi.

Open Defi DAO is a community driven DeFi Ecosystem DAO formed to launch breakthrough DeFi projects of tomorrow and generate long-term value by building and launching early-stage financial protocols, applications, and tools.

Open Defi’s DAO Day #2 event consisted of a brief introduction to Open Defi, a presentation from OptyFi, a panel discussion about cross-chain DeFi, and launchpad demos.

Smoothy was one of eight projects who were able to present their project and give a demonstration of the platform. This was a good opportunity for the attending projects to help spread awareness of their platforms and show what they can offer to users. Smoothy’s presentation consisted of a brief intro of the current state of the DeFi industry and how Smoothy is able to achieve such low fees and max rewards when compared to other stablecoin swapping protocols. Some current Smoothy data was also shared during the presentation, found below:

For Users: Smoothy helped save ~1250 ETH worth of Gas ever since launch without Layer 2 solution
Similar to Uniswap V3, Smoothy has a higher liquidity efficiency compared with other protocols and returns a higher APY for LP. Liquidity Efficiency Rate = Trading Volume / Total Value Locked
Smoothy offers a higher base APY (income from trading volume and aggregators interest) which will stay as TVL grows

Special thanks to the Open DeFi team for hosting the event. Smoothy hopes to attend similar events in the future in order to help spread awareness for the platform and to further show users why and how Smoothy continues to be one of the top competitors for stablecoin to stablecoin swaps.

For more information about Smoothy please see the links below:



A novel single pool liquidity protocol specialized in same backed assets with low-cost zero-slippage swapping and max interest earning.