Smoothy Pre-mining Rewards Will Be Ready To Claim On May 7
1 min readMay 5, 2021

Dear Community Members,

We have completed the pre-mining rewards information collection and calculation. Now, users who participated in pre-mining can check your mining rewards using the following link:

How to Query:

Select the ETH or BSC network at the top left of the form, and then use the “Search (Ctrl+F)” function of the browser to enter the mining address.

Reward Compositions:

  • Pre-mining on Ethereum was launched at 2:00 am 03/10(UTC Time), of which 0.5–1% will be used for the mining rewards.
  • We had 3 weeks pre-mining events at BSC and ETH after the BSC network was online on 04/20. The SMTY rewards for these three weeks were 0.5–1%, of which the first week on BSC had an additional 0.05–0.1% rewards.
  • During the public sale from 04/21–04/27, all LPs would receive an additional 0.16%-0.32% SMTY token rewards.

Get Double Rewards:

Starting from 5/7, all users who participated in pre-mining can claim SMTY on the Smoothy website. You can choose to withdraw your pre-mining rewards directly with no staking. Or, we will provide a double reward for those who are willing to stake for 3 months (that is, withdraw after 8/8).



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