syUSD Basic Rewards Will Be Increased and APY Will Be Improved at Smoothy
1 min readApr 29, 2021


We will add syUSD’s basic rewards into the current rewards at the mining page at 10am UTC time, 04/30. By then, Smoothy’s mining reward is expected to have an increase by 10%-20% on ETH network(Current lowest APY without staking is 22%, and can reach up to 220% with staking) and 2%-7% on BSC network(Before we open the deposit to earn interest feature, the lowest APY without staking is 8%, and can reach up to 80% with staking). After we open the deposit to earn interest, Smoothy rewards include:

  • For ETH network: deposit to earn interest at Yearn + swap fee + slippage
  • For BSC network: swap fee + slippage

In the future, we will select more outstanding, more secure, and higher APY projects and build cooperations with them, and provide better LP returns. Please join our telegram group and keep updated with the latest news.

✤ The actual APY increment depends on the Yearn and Venus yields, which can be checked on their official websites.

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