Upcoming IDO Schedule and Token Economics

3 min readApr 17, 2021


We are pleased to announce the upcoming public sale for Smoothy on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Smoothy SMTY will be available for public sale on BSCPad, DAOMaker, Paddle.finance, and Ignition by Paid from 04/22 to 04/27.

All SMTY tokens will be released and tradable at the same time after all the public sales have finished, please refer to details of each platform for details.

Public Sale Schedule

There are 2 types of public sale:
1) Fixed price: BSCPad, Ignition by Paid, and DAO Pad ($0.5, $50M valuation). There will be different whitelisting rules with cap for each platform, refer to their Twitters for details
2) Multi-priced crowd pooling: Paddle.finance ($0.5+, $50M+ valuation). No whitelisting, no platform token holding requirement, no cap, open to everyone, follow their Twitter for more info.

04/22 BSCPad (Binance Smart Chain)
IDO Price: $0.5 ($50M valuation)
Sale amount: 200,000 SMTY
Website: https://bscpad.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSCPad

04/24–04/25 DAO Maker (Ethereum)
IDO Price: $0.5 ($50M valuation)
Sale amount: 400,000 SMTY
Website: https://daomaker.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDaoMaker

04/26–04/27 Paddle (Binance Smart Chain)
Sale starting price: $0.5+ ($50M+ valuation)
Sale amount: 1,100,000 SMTY
Website: https://paddle.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaddleFinance

04/27 Ignition by Paid (Ethereum)
IDO Price: $0.5 ($50M valuation)
Sale amount: 300,000 SMTY
Website: https://ignition.paidnetwork.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/paid_network

Token Economics

Total: 100,000,000 SMTY

  • Team 15% (4 years vesting, 6 month cliff)
  • Advisor 5% (2 years vesting, 3 month cliff)
  • Testing round reward 1% (1 year vesting, 20% at TGE)
  • Fundraising 10% (see below for vesting schedule)
  • Operation, marketing, and partnership 19% (8% unlock at TGE to provide initial liquidity)
  • Liquidity mining reward 50% (including pre mining and genesis mining)

For the 15% Team allocation, the SMTY tokens will be vested for 4 years with 6 months cliff.

For fundraising, the Smoothy team held 1 round of funding from private investors (8%) and public sale (2%):

Private Sale Round: $2,400,000 was raised at a $30,000,000 valuation. 8% of the total supply was allocated to private sale investors at $0.3 per SMTY token. 20% of the private sale allocation will be released TGE, and the remaining 80% will be released over the next one (1) year with 20% released on a 3 month schedule.

The 19% Operation/Marketing allocation will be distributed to our supporters in a series of programs that will help grow the community and bring in more partners. These programs will reward participants for using and contributing to Smoothy. More details of such programs will be announced in the future.

Liquidity Mining during Sale Week

The pre-mining event will conclude on 04/20 as planned. Thanks to all the users who provided liquidity during the launch of Smoothy on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The calculation for the LP reward will be conducted offline, all liquidity providers will share the 1–2% of the total token. We will publish the details of the release schedule for LP after the public sale.

During the public sale week from 04/21–04/27 all LP’s will enjoy extra 0.16%-0.32% SMTY token reward (offline calculation), plus interest from Vault (Venus on BSC and Yearn on ETH)




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